6 x A6 Shaking Jig Head – Ultra Violet Soft Bass lures 7cm & 9cm


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The Revolutionary Searigs Shakey Jig Head swim bait UV Bass and Pollock lure! 3D EYES, UV SPOT, PRE HOOKED, PRE WEIGHTED, UNIQUE T- TAIL DESIGN

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You will get the best savings if buying in quantity.  Try changing the quantity to see what you can save.
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Discover our top-quality shaking Jig Dead swim baits with life-like T-tail designs and Ultra Violet enhancements for bass fishing.  

Immerse yourself in the world of angling with our revolutionary 6-pack Sea Fishing Jig Head swim bait. lifelike UV Bass and Pollock lures. And, they are crafted with precision and innovation.  Also, these lures boast a load of features designed to elevate your fishing experience.  And, featuring 3D eyes, UV spots, pre-hooked and pre-weighted designs.  Along with a unique T-Tail configuration, these lures are a must for any serious angler.  Also, their multicolored design is specifically engineered to attract a wide variety of fish species.  This includes Bass, Whiting, Perch, Trout, Cod, Pollock, Mackerel, Pike Perch, and more.  Designed with negative buoyancy, these lures mimic the natural movements of prey.  Further, making them irresistible to predators.  Moreover, whether you’re fishing in freshwater or saltwater, these lures promise to deliver outstanding results, enticing even the most elusive of catches.  Crafted with high-frequency turbulent T-Tails, these lures produce smooth and natural swimming movements.  What’s more, this creates a lifelike appearance that is sure to grab the attention of nearby fish. The realistic fishing bait is meticulously painted to replicate the vividness of real fish, ensuring excellent action under any conditions.  Also, the lures are built to last as these lures are made from high-quality PVC.  Offering exceptional durability and bite resistance. Their bright colors and strong fish-luring performance make them a reliable choice for anglers of all levels.  Moreover, whether you’re fishing on reefs, estuaries, rivers, freshwater, or saltwater, our soft bait lures are guaranteed to enhance your fishing experience. Finally, with their superior design and unmatched performance, these lures are sure to become your go-to choice for targeting bass, trout, pollock, pike, salmon, and more.


  • 3D Eyes, UV Spot, Pre Hooked, Pre Weighted, Unique T-TAIL Design
  • Fantastic multi-colored design that attracts various fish species.
  • With its negative buoyancy, it imitates the natural movements of a fish, making it irresistible to its prey.
  • This pack includes six lures, perfect for freshwater and saltwater fishing, this lure promises to catch you a big one.
  • Get your hands on our 6-pack Sea Fishing Jig Head swim bait lifelike UV Bass and Pollock lures today!
  • High-Frequency Turbulent T-Tail – Molded with a holographic swimming flash tail.  Also, soft curly tail design makes swimming movement smooth and natural.  And, the left and right swings are large to cause fluctuations and produce a good spoiler effect.
  • Realistic Fishing Bait – We use master painting craftsmanship, highly restoring the vividness of fish and scientifically precise balance configuration to ensure the bait has excellent action under any complex conditions. Bring you a real visual experience and give you excellent use effects
  • Jig Head Fishing Lure – Lead weight jig hooks inside the head to enhance the counterweight, suitable for long throws and slow sinking, which can achieve slow, fluttering performance.  Also, these lures are designed for long cast, deep depth and high catch rate. 3D fish eyes create realistic swimming action in water to attract target fish
  • High Quality and Durable Material – Body of the soft bait is made of PVC degradable raw material.  And, softer and more durable, but also bite-resistant.
  • Whether you’re fishing on reefs, estuaries, rivers, freshwater or saltwater, soft bait will become your must-have bait for bass, trout, pollock pike, salmon,


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9cm 12.6g, 7cm 6.5g


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